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How To // Matcha Green Tea Latte

Get Your Organic USDA Matcha Green Tea Powder Here on Amazon

Hot beverages just make life better, no?





Royal Match Green Tea Blend

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Milk Frother



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"Abrigo" – The Tefytofers


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▸ I was given the Royal Matcha Green Tea from Dr. Mercola to try and review. Any opinions expressed are my own. I use Amazon Affiliate and affiliate links to help you find the products I mention more easily. Please read here for more disclaimer information:

Matcha Power! – powdered green tea energy

Get Your Organic USDA Matcha Green Tea Powder Here on Amazon
Matcha can be consumed so many ways – traditional hot mixed with a bamboo whisk; cold; sweetened or not; in a latte; in an energy shot; with hot brewed tea as in matcha genmaicha; and in recipes (it makes a great frosting).

Matcha comes in different grades so the type you get may depend on whether you intend to use it for recipes, general daily drinking or as a precious treat.
It does not have a long shelf life – bear this in mind as old matcha is gross. Unlike many leaf teas that just get stale and bland as they get old, matcha gets nasty. Be sure to store it well – opaque, tightly sealed container (preferably not plastic, unless of course you like the taste of plastic), in a relatively cool (not refrigerated) dark place. Considering the price you pay for a high quality matcha you will want to be sure to store it so well.

Aiya Matcha, who produce wonderful matcha, have a website full of detailed info on types of matcha, how to prepare it and recipes to enjoy it in. Check them out here:

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