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How To Make Matcha Tea
The Wild Method

Ratio used: 1.5g matcha (~1/2 tsp) to 4 ounce water (113g)


Premium matcha meant for drinking – Wild Matcha
Bamboo Whisk or Handheld frother
TSP or matcha chashaku ladle
6 ounces 165° filtered water
Optional: small wire sieve

1. Pour 2 ounces hot water into your bowl to preheat for a minute

2. Discard water and wipe dry

3. Place bowl on scale and tare

4. Add 1.5g matcha – about 1 and a half chashaku ladle scoops

4a. Choose: Sift matcha through sieve into bowl or take bamboo whisk or frother and gently flatten out the matcha. You want to remove clumps.

5. Pour 1 ounce (28g) cold water over matcha (This helps protect the matcha from the hot water in step 7)

6. Use your whisk in a circular motion to make a thick paste

7. After all matcha is incorporated, add 3 ounces of 165° water

8. If using bamboo whisk: whisk matcha using a "W" and "M" path up and down utilizing your wrist. If using a electric frother: place it at the bottom of the bowl and start with short pulses to make sure you don't spill any precious matcha.

9. Whisk until frothy and you have a nice white crema with small bubbles

10. It is now ready to drink! You can stir in some honey or preferred sweetener or add steamed milk for a matcha latte. You can also add more water to increase the yield (it will dilute) or can finish with cream or frothed milk.

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