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 Japanese MATCHA – Finally Works on Your Fat and Your Wrinkles!!

 Are you waiting for a miracle to happen that can rid you of the extra flab and renew your youth?

 Is your appearance embarrassing you, and your self-esteem getting fragile with each passing day?

No diet seems to reduce your weight and neither your wrinkles, instead making you weak and pale?

Do not fret, do not sweat, and most importantly do not DIET!! I have an amazing Japanese Secret guaranteed to help you look and feel good and stay active!!!

Packed with natural goodness, Matcha Green Tea is a fantastic formula that works its magic from inside out. This delicious milled green tea, which has been the secret of Japanese youthfulness and slimmer body for centuries can now be Yours!!!

Japanese Matcha Green Tea is a Miracle- Here’s Why!!! 

  • Rich in Antioxidants, it helps to fight cancer
  • It boosts metabolism and quickly burns fat
  • It’s a mood enhancer, increases mental alertness and relaxes mind, body and soul

Japanese Matcha Green Tea is UNIQUE.

Matcha Green Tea leaves after plucked are dried in the shade, away from direct sunlight, for 20 days to boost the chlorophyll level and to increase the level of L-Theanine, an amino acid. The leaves are dusted to bring into marketable form. 

Available in powder form, add it the other food items to extract its benefits TODAY.

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How it Works?

  • Rich in antioxidants including the powerful EGC to prevent and fight cancer
  • Increases physical endurance by 24% by boosting metabolism rate and burns calories instantly
  • Contains higher amounts of chlorophyll that detoxifies and cleans the body
  • Contains 5 times more L-Theanine, an amino acid that calms and relaxes mind, enhances mood and aids in concentration  
  • Fortified with Vitamin C and minerals like zinc, chromium, selenium, magnesium for boosting the immunity levels
  • Matcha is fiber rich and aids in digestion
  • Reduces cholesterol an
  • Reduces cholesterol and glucose in blood and controls elevation of insulin levels by burning fat    


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 Original Price $39.95

Sale Price $19.98 “Limited Time Offer”